Thank you so much(बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद)

Thank you so much for the likes. Sorry, I put my post on the schedule. I couldn’t write because of California smoke. My brain was shut down. We couldn’t open our house windows for 2 weeks.

पसंद के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद। क्षमा करें, मैंने अपना पोस्ट शेड्यूल पर रखा है। कैलिफ़ोर्निया धुआं के कारण मैं नहीं लिख सका। मेरा दिमाग बंद हो गया था। हम अपने घर की खिड़कियां 2 सप्ताह तक नहीं खोल सके।

Author: Babl

Royal India- History of King royal India. We love to learn and write about India with a rich history.

5 thoughts on “Thank you so much(बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद)”

  1. I hope that is the end of the California wildfires for this year – the devastation is amazing and they still don’t have a final death toll not to mention the homes lost … those poor people. It was nice that the firemen served Thanksgiving dinner to the people who lost their homes … the fireman have heart.

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    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate. A lot of people are working to help in those areas. A little bit of relief because of several firefighters are helping.

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      1. Oh you’re welcome. I see the pictures and hear the sad tales … such devastation. It sure has been a tough year indeed – I hear that the Camp Fire is nearly contained … that is good news.

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