Beautiful view of India (Indian States)


Capital – Southern

The largest city – Bangalore

Languages are – Kannada, English

Zone- Southern


Capital- Thiruvananthapuram

The largest city – Thiruvananthapuram

Language  — Malayalam, English

Zone- Southern

Madhya Pradesh

Capital – Bhopal

The largest city – Indore

Language  – Hindi

Zone- Central


Capital -Mumbai (Summer)

Nagpur (Winter)

The largest city – Mumbai

Language  – Marathi

Zone- Western


During the Raj, the Kingdom of Manipur was one of the princely states

“The Jewel of India”


The largest city-Imphal

Language – Meitei language and English.

Zone- North- Eastern


Author: Royal India

Royal India- History of King Royal India. We love to learn and write about India. India has a rich history with etiquette.

12 thoughts on “Beautiful view of India (Indian States)”

      1. Thank you Bablee – we learn so much here in our blogosphere. About each other’s cultures, homelands, states … so much to learn and I have met many fellow bloggers from Canada – I am still Canadian and it makes me miss my homeland. I moved here to Michigan at age 10 in 1966 with my parents.

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      2. Thanks Bablee – I really like that picture when I was young … it was before they had color photos (oops, I just made myself old by saying that) and my mom said a traveling photographer came to the house and was taking pictures of neighborhood kids. The photographer did the “colorization” … I want to add a few pictures to the gallery of favorite animal pics.

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